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Welcome Service Provider

If you have already registered, please access your account from the above login button.
If you are a potential service provider, please read below to learn more about how the system works and to find out if you are eligible to register. 

Q. Who can be a service provider? 
A. A service provider can be a clinician, a pharmacist, a radiologist, a pathologist or a rehabilitator. When you register, you will be asked to provide specific details about the sort of services you offer.

Q. What makes Heartfile Health Financing unique? 
A. The Heartfile Health Financing system is innovative and unique in terms of the level of financial transparency it offers it donors and service providers. The efficient online system benefits service providers immensely as payments are processed as soon as services are rendered. This means you will receive your payment within a week of delivering the service you choose to provide. This extremely fast turnover is unprecedented in the Pakistani health sector and has had made Heartfile Health Financing popular with the many service providers who have already registered on our online system. Also, our online system eliminates the need for repeated bidding. Once you have informed us of the services you provide and given us your price list, we will keep your information on our system and contact you whenever your services are required.


Q. How can i register with Heartfile Health Financing? 
A. The best way to register with Heartfile Health Financing is by using our efficient and easy-to-use online system. Registration can also be completed through letters, faxes, email or in person, by appointment.  

Q. How does the online system work? 
A. Once you complete our simple online registration form, we send you a confirmation email. Then you can use the user ID and password you set during registration to login to the system and send requests to Heartfile. As we receive orders for services from our patients, we will send you requests for services. We can use the system to confirm when you have delivered the required services and the system will inform you when your payment has been processed. You can also use the system to update the information (prices etc.) you provide during registration.


Q. Do I always have to use the online system? 
A. No, if you do not have reliable internet access or are not comfortable using the online system you can always contact our Health Financing Coordinator through email, in person, by calling in, through postal mail and through faxes. 


Contact information:
Heartfile Financing 
1 Park Road, Chak Shahzad,
Tel: +92-51-2616521-2 ,  92-51-8358968
SMS: +92-342-1114449

HHF Helpline : +92-51-2614472


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