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Ahsan Khan

Three months of hospitalization marked by three surgeries has robbed Ahsan Khan of all peace of mind, not to mention the physical discomfort being endured by him on account of dislocation of the hip joint. A resident of Gada Khail, Nowshera, Ahsan is living with his elder son, who is working as a peon at NADRA against a monthly salary of Rs. 14,000 with which he supports his eight family members. Ahsan’s son is married, with five children—three of them studying in a government school. Even though his son’s office has provided assistance of Rs. 172,000 for the three surgeries performed on Ahsan, the family has ended up borrowing Rs. 20,000 from their relatives to be able to meet their living and hospitalization expenses. Living in a 3-marla house valued at Rs. 75,000, the family’s only other asset is a motorbike, which Ahsan’s son purchased from borrowed money, yet to be returned. The family burns wood for cooking and fetches water from a nearby well. Their average monthly electricity bill is in the range of Rs. 1,000-1,200. The patient now requires Rs. 60,000 for revision of the hip (acetabular component). Surgery was a far-fetched option for a family, which did not even have Rs. 3,000 for purchase of post-operative medications in the three months following the surgical intervention. Their dilemma, however, stood resolved when Heartfile came to Ahsan’s rescue upon receiving a request from PIMS, and released Rs. 60,000 for his surgery. The patient is now recovering.


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