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Asif's story

Asif is a twenty-two-year-old from Shamshabad, Mardan District. He used to work as a dispenser until two years ago and earned about Rs. 3000 a month. Asif has four unmarried sisters and is responsible for providing their dowry when they marry. Asif’s father is a farmer who does not own the land he tills hence he barely makes out enough to buy wheat for the family. Asif suffered from heart disease which had impaired his ability to work. Asif had been delaying treatment for one and a half year because he could not afford the surgery needed. He sought assistance from available social protection channels and was of the view that a reference wad needed for file approval. His surgeon was of the opinion that if he did not have a heart valve replacement operation very soon he could go into a fatal cardiac arrest. Heartfile on receiving his request for financing processed the case and saved him by providing operation costs of Rs. 75,000. The whole process was completed within four working days. Now Asif is back home safe and is planning to resume his job in a local pharmacy shop.

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