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Bashir Hussain

48-year-old Bashir Hussain worked as a security guard at well reputed bank in the heart of Islamabad. Working for merely $70 a month, Bashir is on his feet for a continuous 12 hour vigilant duty. Besides which he opts for over time to fulfill the needs of his family of five, of which three are school going children, while the rent of the two-bedroom house he resides in is almost half of his salary. His wife tries to contribute by stitching clothes for people in their rather limited social circle. While getting dropped for his shift of duty in the security company’s van, in his attempt of getting out of the vehicle, the driver in a hurry floored the paddle resulting in Bashir falling awkwardly and fracturing his left femur bone. He was transported to the biggest public hospital in the capital territory, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences. Having no insurance and the private security company providing no health cover, Bashir lost all hope of collecting enough funds to finance the plating of his broken bone. Heartfile came to his rescue by conducting a series of assessment visits and verification process which was undertaken within 72 hours to allocate funds as quickly as possible for his operation, as without having any savings they were plunged into a vicious cycle of debt, misery and more suffering. Today Bashir has recovered fully and is back to work, having been saved from a major health expenditure and its repercussions.


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