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Basra Khatoon

Basra Khatoon living on the outskirts of Islamabad with her daughter who had been divorced by her husband, leaving her with no financial assets to sustain her life what to talk of supporting her ailing mother, the patient that is or a teenage son. Basra and her daughter reside in a mud baked house having no electricity, gas or water connection. They survive on borrowed money and neighbours provide them with food and buckets of water for their daily use while her grandson works as a labourer in a city 300 km away from them. He visits after every three months and gives them not more than two to three thousand rupees to clear some of their debts. One day while carrying a bucket full of water this old lady lost her balance and slipped breaking her leg and sustaining other injuries. She was taken by the neighbours to a local clinic and after the x-ray diagnosed her leg to be fractured and referred her to PIMS hospital, Islamabad. The van carrying Basra khatoon overcharged them five times exploiting the helplessness of the mother and her daughter. Seeing that the patient could not afford an amount of 40,000 Pak rupees for the operation, the consultant at the orthopaedic ward of the hospital sent a request to Heartfile seeking for assistance to the patient. After the initial verification and poverty assessment funds were allocated and the operation was undertaken successfully. Thus, a truly deserving patient was helped through the health financing program.


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