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Gulzar Masih

Gulzar Masih Gill, a 65-year-old man from Mahabatabad, Wah Cantt has had long standing heart disease. Gulzar and seven members of his family live together in a Katchi Abadi and his family does not own a house or any land. His son, a rickshaw driver is the only bread-winner in the family and his total monthly income is about Rs. 5000. Out of this he provides for his three school-going children, unmarried sister and his invalid father. Gulzar’s heart condition was treated two months ago with the support of doctors at PIMS—but unfortunately a complication occurred and one of the vessels of the heart, which were opened, got blocked once again. This time round an expensive procedure was required, which was totally beyond his meager means. Heartfile stepped in to aid Gulzar and has fully funded the cost of the procedure (Pak. Rs. 165,500), which has opened his blocked vessel. We have supported him on the condition that he will give up smoking—failure to do so will lead his vessels to block up once again.


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Heartfile Health Financing (HHF) is an access to treatment program for non-communicable diseases. It provides financial access for high-cost treatment for those who are unable to pay, are likely to spend catastrophically or forgo treatment. HHF's mobile phone-driven process is fully transparent and offers help to patients with dignity. HHF currently operates in selected hospitals in Pakistan and is being prepared for scale-up.  


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