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Haji Muhammad

With a monthly income of Rs. 9,500 from a local construction company where he was employed as a driver, Haji Muhammad was managing his seven-member household with much difficulty. The 42-year-old from Dera Ismail Khan’s tehsil Paharpur did not know that the worst was yet to come. Two months ago, Haji Muhammad suffered a heart attack. He not only lost his job but also incurred a debt of Rs. 10,000 for angiography at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), where he was referred to by the local district headquarter hospital. Diagnosed with triple vessel disease, Haji Muhammad was now in need of coronary artery bypass grafting, a procedure costing Rs. 75,000. With seven dependents to look after, and an 8-marla house valued at Rs. 32,000 being his only major asset, Haji Muhammad lost all hope of recovery. Already, three of his five children are studying in a madrassa because he cannot afford their school expenses; he has not even paid his electricity bill for the last two years. Twice, he got the electricity connection of his house restored with the help of a lineman with whom he enjoys good ties. Ever since his illness, Haji Muhammad’s living expenses are being borne by his neighbours and in-laws. The patient narrated his story to the staff nurse in the CCU at PIMS, urging her to explore some avenue for assistance. A request was thereafter sent to Heartfile, which authorized an assistance of Rs. 75,000 within two days. Having undergone a successful surgery, the patient now enjoys good health and is planning to apply for a job as a driver once again

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