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Muhammad Sibtain

Fifteen-year-old Muhammad Sibtain and his brother were put in a madrassah when they were quite young because their father, a laborer who lives in Basti Shaheedabad, Jhang and earns about Rs. 125 per day could not provide for them as well as the other four members of his family. Muhammad’s family does not own a home or land and resides in a mud house built on a relative’s land. Muhammad’s family was powerless to aid him when he was diagnosed with a congenital heart condition (ventricular septal defect with pulmonary valve stenosis). The ventricular septal defect repair surgery cost Pak. Rs. 75,000 and there was no way they could provide that for him. Luckily for Muhammad, his application to Heartfile was speedily processed and he was provided the ventricular septal defect repair free of cost.


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