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Munsif Khan

Munsif Khan is an 80-year-old earning no more than Rs. 150 per day from the sale of reusable waste materials to a local dealer. He performs the job on bicycle to be able to support his wife and a 25-year-old daughter suffering from hearing disability. A resident of Hawelian in district Hazara, Munsif sustained a bullet injury while trying to save the life of a young boy engaged in a verbal row with his neighbors. The patient was initially taken to Civil Hospital, which refused treatment, and was thereafter brought to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, where his leg was plastered for bone reunion. Unfortunately, the ill-fated patient fell off a public transport vehicle while on his way to the hospital for a follow-up visit, leading to dislocation of the bone once again. Munsif now needed plating of the upper humerus, a procedure costing Rs. 35,000. Having spent Rs. 13,000 on medical and transportation costs over the last two months, he was penniless and unable to afford the expense. The family, whose only asset is a 4-marla house near Mareer Hassan, was being supported by relatives ever since Munsif has had to discontinue work on account of the injury. The patient had been in the hospital for 10 days, after which his request for health financing landed at the Heartfile office. Having undergone a successful surgery, Munsif is now looking forward to resuming his daily routine.


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