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Rehmat Ullah

20 year old rehmatullah was forced to leave his school and seek employment in Islamabad owing to the devastating floods that rampaged through his house in Bakhar district, destroying everything that they owned. His father used to sell fruit on a cycle in the locality earning a meagerly $5 a day while two brothers are laborers and one is physically and mentally handicapped. The family of seven being is forced to live in a make-shift tent, provided by relief workers after facing 4 days of near starvation during the time the very exposed to the brutal force of nature. Wanting to pitch in his bit in this time of crisis, Rehmatullah landed up working as an unskilled labour at a government run university. While working at a semi constructed building carrying a wheel barrow on a narrow ramp on the 5th story, he lost his balance and fell breaking his arms, legs and sustaining multiple fractures on his face. He was rushed to the PIMS hospital and immediate tracheostomy was done, which is making an opening in the wind pipe to facilitate entry of air for breathing, as the intense facial trauma caused impedance to air flow. The patient had been in this state of agony and distress, and all of the family’s hope and plans for recovery from the floods just seemed to have stalled. Within two hours of Heartfile being informed, an assessment team visited the patient and coordinated with the relevant doctors and service providers to put the patient on high priority and financed all of his health expenditures pertaining to that unfortunate incident, which would otherwise be impossible as the patient has no health cover whatsoever. A catastrophic health expenditure such as this puts families in very difficult circumstances, especially those which are burdened by debt. Today Rehmatullah is recovering and is aspiring to rebuild his home and work hard to get his family settled as soon as possible.


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