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Zareena Begum

Zareena Begum is a fifty-five-year-old housewife from Manki Sharif, Nowshera. Her husband is the sole bread winner of the household. He works as a guard and earns about Rs. 4000 a month. Zareena Begum and her husband have four daughters, all of whom are unmarried. The family does not own any land and the house they reside in is provided by her husband’s employer. Zareena Begum was recently diagnosed with severe heart disease—90% of the main vessel supplying blood to the heart was blocked. She has been visiting the hospital for the last two months to seek treatment. The costs of her angiography (the test which confirms that the heart vessel is blocked) was waived by the hospital. However, it would have taken a very long time for the hospital to process her request for assistance to fund a heart bypass operation. Doctors were of the view that she might loose her life in the process. We are pleased to have been able to help by providing assistance. Zareena's heart bypass operation was successfully conducted with our support. She is planning to have one of her daughters married this summer.


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