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Welcome Donors


If you are already a registered donor, please access your account from the above login bar.

 If you are a potential donor, thank you for exploring the possibility of making a donation to Heartfile Health financing, a programme which protects poor households from spending catastrophically on medical expenses. 

This donation system empowers donors to earmark and track their donations and provides unprecedented transparency in donation management. 

This system will provide you the following unique benefits while making a donation: 

You can decide exactly who your donation will go to: While encouraging you to donate to our general pool, we have empowered you to specify where your donation should go in terms of the age, gender, disease and geographical location of the patient.

Your donation has an immediate impact:

Heartfile Health Financing has an extremely fast turnover and we also update our website and system in real time. This means that you can actually choose to help a patient who is in the hospital right now and will benefit from your donation in the next few days! 

You can track how every rupee of your donation is spent:
You can choose to receive an email, SMS or letter every time any of your money is spent by Heartfile Health Financing.  Don’t want too many alerts? You can specify exactly how often we should contact you when you register. 


You can make a pledge today and remember to donate as per your pledge. We will soon be making an option available for online donations. 

You can have 100% of your donation channeled to a patient:

Most importantly, we channel 100% of the private and individual donations for a petient's treatment. Heartfile Financing does not charge a service cost.

Contact information:
Heartfile Financing 
1 Park Road, Chak Shahzad,
Tel: +92-51-2616521-2 ,  92-51-8358968
SMS: +92-342-1114449

HHF Helpline : +92-51-2614472


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