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Abandoned Boy!

Ali Hassan, an eight-year old boy, was the victim of a hit and run. He was brought to Rawalpindi General Hospital , but those who brought him in left and never returned. Ali Hassan had sustained a fractured leg and was in urgent need of an operation. Abandoned by his parents and made to work at the tender age of eight as a domestic in an abusive household (where his chores included washing dishes and cleaning the car), there was no one who came forward to pay for the boy’s operation.

The doctor in charge of his case contacted Heartfile who paid for the operation. In addition, in Ali Hassan’s case, we also contacted a number of charities and orphanages but received a response only from one NGO geared towards child protection. Ali Hassan was ultimately taken under the custody of the Child Protection Bureau, where we visited him to ascertain that he was doing well after the operation.


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