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Shafqat is a mason living in a one-bedroom ‘katcha’ house, which he shares with his three brothers, who are also working as masons in Lalian City, district Chiniot. Theirs is a 6-member household, which also includes the wives of two married brothers. The total monthly income of the four brothers comes to Rs. 12,000. The six-marla house in which they live is valued at Rs. 15,000 only; it neither has a boundary wall, nor electricity, gas and water connections. The unforeseen event of Shafqat’s fall from a building 12 day ago only added to the financial woes of the family. The 20-year old was brought to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences with a serious injury requiring surgery of the left leg. It had been a week since the doctors’ advice for surgery, but the brothers could ill-afford mobilizing Rs. 35,000 to bear the treatment expense. Their earning had further shrunk because two of Shafqat’s brothers had been attending him at the hospital. The food expenses of the patient and his attendants were being borne by their employer. Heartfile came to the patient’s rescue by swiftly processing his request for financial assistance and enabling the brothers to overcome the difficult period without having to land in debt.


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